OWNER-Owner system-


Become a special owner.

Recruitment of Senrei tea plantations





You can own a tea plantation in Kamikawa Town, Hyogo Prefecture, and receive tea delivered directly from the tea planting twice a year (free shipping).

Nomura, the representative of Senrei, is responsible for the daily work.

You can also come to help with farm work.





Benefit 1:We will send new tea set harvested in May and various tea sets in winter.

Benefit 2:Owner ID will be issued.

Benefit 3:Original gifts such as the owner's name can be created (additional charge required)

Benefit 4:Invited at a special price to participate in events such as tea picking experience and hand fir experience

Benefit 5:Priority participation in exchange meetings with producers

Benefit 6: Tea plant information (reservation required)

Benefit 7:Possible to shop on the owner's exclusive shopping site (under construction)

Benefit 8:Preferential purchase of limited items

*Because of joint ownership, there is no allocation of parcels.


Initial registration fee 3,000Circle

*Registration fee is now free per startup campaign

1,000Yen/month ×12months 12,000Yen (pay once a year)




<1 year flow> 


Application >>Issuance of thank-you note (mail)>>Delivery around late May>>Delivery around end of November


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