-About Us-

SENREI inc is located in Kamikawa Town, Hyogo Prefecture.
It is a "tea startup" that has inherited the tea plantation that has continued for 300 years.
The pure water of the Kamigawa and the rich blessings of the mountains,
And a 7 hectare tea plantation that has been carefully cultivated for 300 years.
We have the mountain river that has been there for a long time
With the help of our ancestors who have been nurturing up to today,
I work for tea making.
The "Senreicha" we send is
It is born from fellowship between Yamakawa and people.
Leaving the earth, water and sky relaxing,
We will deliver a fine taste gradation.
Between people and mountains, between spring and summer, between night and morning.
There is no name, neither is the theme of "ma-awai-"
The challenge of SENREI inc begins.

Enjoy Ma-Awai.


Instead of "making" the taste of tea, "pulling it out".
Delivering the taste of the swaying mountain river.
A tea plantation that constantly flows from morning to night and from spring to summer.
In contrast, many foods and drinks that go through our throat today
It's fixed as if time stopped.
Taste, aroma, shape.
Once upon a time, we were delicate in taste so that we could enjoy the four seasons.Should have perceived gradation.
The existence of "ma-awai-" that we are forgetting
Expressing that we are between mountains and rivers, heaven and earth, past and future.
That is the product and identity of SENREI inc.
A tea that does not have the same taste and is always changing, and you can feel a slight transition.
The experience is not "tea" but "perception of changing".